Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise

Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise

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Open innovation:
This is a research-based essay which can be mainly based on secondary research. Although this type of assignment has a strong underpinning, you will be required to illustrate the discussion through the use of examples and case study. You can either use the theory to ANALYSE an ORGANISATION OR use examples from MULTIPLES ORGANISATONS to illustrate the theory. It must contain a clear statement of the research objectives and questions, Demonstration of clear understanding and application of conceptual frameworks discussed in the module, Evidence of personally conducted primary research (could be secondary date), and original thought in conclusions drawn and recommendations presented. The essay needs to have these FOUR parts: Introduction, Literature Review, Case Study/ Analyse an organization and Conclusion.

Introduction (200 words) includes background, aims and the essay structure.
Literature review (1,600 words) about the open innovation.
Case study or analyse organization (1,000 words)
Conclusion (200 words)

Issue which you can investigate in the essay- The main feathers of open innovation and the key conditions of its successful implementation

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