Information Design


The DIT Grangegorman (goMobile) mobile application will provide information for students, lecturers and college management. The application will list modules, locations and lecture times for all courses in the institute alongside being a means of communication for users. It will also provide scheduling assistance and other information resources. 
Brief Requirements 

For the goMobile application, the following are required: 

1. Define at least one scenario for the above application 

2. For a scenario, define at least 3 use cases that show the range of the application 

3. For at least 2 use cases, provide interaction diagrams that demonstrate decision making 
4. Using at least 3 use cases, derive an initial data model for the application 

5. For at least 2 use cases, show where new extension is possible 

6. For at least 2 use cases, show where inclusion is possible- these must be separate use cases, not extensions 
7. Prioritise the use cases you have provided and state the reasons why 
8. Using all of your material, derive an initial user model that shows where different
actors may be found (extension use cases are valid, alongside generalisation) 

9. Provide a properly formatted and structured report that gives clear explanation of the above brief


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