Individual Business Case

individual Business Case #2 Assignment

Please bring the completed assignment to class.

The assignment is to develop a competitive space model for the Automotive Industry.

One page text, single spaced. Up to three additional pages of figures, graphs or tables.

Information: Go to Course Information in Blackboard to see “Visual Techniques for Analyzing Product Differentiation” and review the link MGT 489 Class 5.1 Differentiation Competitive Space. ( I’ll attach the slides)**

You can use the competitive space model and/or chart the factors of competition in presenting your competitive space model of the Automotive Industry.

Developing these models is a visual way to understand what competitive factors are important in an industry as well illustrating how the various firms are positioned within that competitive space.

Please include your name and section on a cover sheet or header of your document.

Please use page numbers.

Please create a title for each figure, graph, or table that you include.

There are too many competitors in the overall Automotive industry to try to analyze all of them. Please pick a small handful of competitors that you think tell an interesting story about the current competitive situation in the industry.


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