Increasing Inequalities in healthcare service delivery.

1. Identify a specific issue within increasing inequalities that you perceive to impact on service and operations and in the context of health systems management.
2. You are required to EXPLORE and ANALYSE in depth, the EVIDENCE BASE on the identified issue within the chosen topic in order to make a realistic recommendations to management.
3. Consider the extent to which this issue vary across groups, why they vary and what can be done to reduce inequalities in health care delivery. [focus on National Health Service (NHS) and globally]
4. Clarify the aim and rational for choosing this title or issue.
5. This essay should be appropriately referenced.

Recommended books
1. Fitzsimmons & Fitzsimmons (2013). Service management: Information, Strategy and Operations. 8th edn. McGraw Hill International Student Edition.

2. Young, A. and Cooke, M. (2002). Managing and Implementing Decisions in Health Care, London: Balliere Tindall

3. Hawkins, E. and Thornton, C. (2002). Managing and Leading Innovation in Health Care, London: Billiere Tindall

4. Denton, Brian T. (Ed).Handbook of Healthcare Operations Management, Research and Applications, Series: International Series in Operations Research and Management Sciences: Vol. 184, ISBN 978-1-4614-5885-2

5. Mullins, C. and Constable, G. (2008). Teambuilding in Primary Care. Oxford: Racliffe

6. Walshe, K. and Smith, J. (2006). Healthcare Management. Maidenhead: Open University Press

7. Handy, C. (1994). Understanding Organisations: 4th edition. London: Penguin


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