Implementing a Collaborative Mediation Model for Managing in Hospital IT Settings.

Paper details:“Implementing a Collaborative Mediation Model for Managing Conflict and Improve internal communication behaviors among Physicians and IT staff in Hospital IT Settings.”
The goal of the capstone is to convince your audience by identify current issues, and think critically to create a solution that will directly solve the problem that you identified.
Remember you are making a claim and you are trying to prove that your solution will solve the problem. This more of the direction you are going. You will provide literature that talks about all of these things and then discuss the problem. Then you will expand the idea of the collaborative mediation model (or structure) and why you think it will work (backed up with research).
I want you to write your possible solutions to improve communication and collaboration, as well as the role of emotional intelligence. I’ve countered many situations where emotional intelligence was lacking, and I’ve often wondered how, exactly, this can be taught. Here is my scenario, the use of a collaborative mediation model for conflict resolution through the application of collaborative practice by the two professionals will help in improving emotional intelligence to control their behaviours and action and promoting teamwork among the physicians and IT staff. It will also assist in promoting an understanding of expectations for the two professionals in the hospital IT settings.

Course Outcomes met by this Assignment:
• Clearly define a question/problem that allows them to focus on a specific area of interest in the degree field of study;
• Research the question/problem and develop a solution;
• Utilize critical and creative thinking to organize the research, build an argument, and craft a solution;
• Describe the relationship of the question/problem to the field of study—past, present, and future;
• Discuss relevant issues and material in the field and relate them to the individual project;
• Communicate clearly, professionally, and effectively in a variety of formats; and
• Present the question/problem and solution clearly and professionally in both written and oral format.
Your Final Capstone should conform unerringly to the University College Format and Style Requirements. please visit the uploaded University college Format and Style Requirements. The final Capstone follows all instructions. The Capstone is either a .doc or .docx file format. The completed capstone must have at least 7000-8000 words (excluding the Reference page). This includes the title page and abstract. Additional appendix inclusion is the instructor’s decision. The following is the order of the capstone elements. Each numbered item, with the exception of your title page, is a major section indicated by a level one heading. Subsections follow the level-two and level-three heading guidelines.
Order of Contents
1. Title Page
2. Abstract
3. Table of Contents
4. Background
5. Approach
6. Literature Review
7. Solution
8. Discussion
9. Recommendations
10. Conclusion
11. References
For a detailed breakdown of each section, please visit the uploaded Capstone Paper Breakdown by Section page.


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