Identify and analyze the major issues that divide those in favour of the Britain’s leaving the European Union and those who oppose it. Who do you expect to be the major gainers and losers? Be sure to explain why you see them as gaining or losing, using

1. Understanding of the topic.
Proper use of theoretical ideas to guide the analysis. Correct use of terminology. Ability to explain ideas and events. Ability to compare and contrast different opinions. Evidence of an informed decision about what areas to concentrate on in the essay and which are the key arguments.

2. Depth of analysis and evidence.
Ability to go beyond mere description and build a reasoned case. Quantity and quality of evidence underpinning major points/conclusions. Ability to identify and assess the effects on different areas of importance to Britain like trade, financial flows, migration, education, productivity etc,.

3. Writing and communication skills.
Logical sequence to the essay. Proper introduction and conclusion. Clear tables, diagrams and referencing. Good use of English and fluent style. Ability to argue to reasoned conclusions.


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