Human Fossil Record

Current Events – Students are required to submit a written review of a news item relevant to each of the
four (4) main course topics. Current Event assignments are due by the dates indicated in the Course Schedule (see below), and should be submitted online via Canvas or as a hard copy in class. Each Current Event assignment is worth 30 points (see the Grading section below). Submission of Current Events assignments after the scheduled due date will result in a 5 point deduction for each day the assignment is late. To receive full credit you must:
§ Select one (1) recent (written within the last 12 months) news item relevant to the assigned
topic (as described in Canvas). These must be from a popular news source, not a scholarly journal. Some examples of popular news sources include: Newspapers, Time magazine,
Newsweek magazine, and U.S. News and World Report magazine.
§ Write a two (2) page typed (double-spaced with 1 inch margins and 12 point) review of the
news item which includes:
A) A citation of the specific news item reviewed: Indicate the author, title of the news item, the name of the publication the article is in, and the publication date. If using
an online source, also indicate the URL.
B) A summary of the article (limited to ½ page): In your own words, describe what
the article is about.
C) A review of the article’s content: Provide a detailed evaluation/critique of the
scientific claims discussed in the news & the author’s ability to present them to a
general audience.
D) A discussion of the significance of the news: Explain clearly why the general public should care about this news and how it relates to course topics/discussions.


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