How Rothschilds Bank has had an effect on the Financial District of London Architecturally &amp Politically

Name: Daniel Buja


Architecture – How Rothschilds Bank has had an effect on the Financial District of London, Architecturally & Politically




This is quite a confused and confusing bit of writing. This is not helped by the fact that it has not been proof read properly and some of the arguments are lost.


The insufficient foot/endnotes and referencing makes understanding where your arguments starts and ends very difficult.


Illustrations need to be captions and numbered. Include a list of illustrations.


Chapter three is unnecessary as it interrupts the flow of the argument. I cannot see how your essay references the analysis of various methodologies.


You must always discuss the various aspects of the Rothschilds’ empire in relation to architecture. As mentioned previously in the synopsis feedback, ‘be clear about the differences between influences in relation to power, and in relation to architecture’. What is the role of the building in all of this?


The word ‘bank’ in this instance needs to be explored simultaneously as an architectural typology, and as a noun.


The conclusion is incomplete.


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