How much trust can penetration testers rely on Raspber

The project is about the capabilities and limitations of Raspberry Pi in penetration testing. Please detail all the strength and weakness of Raspberry Pi in penetration testing and how can we improve Raspberry Pi limitations for penetration testers to use it as a powerful arsenal. Also, show if future penetration testers can or can not depend on Raspberry Pi in their work ( give evidence of your argument )
Also, please give a brief description about these penetration tools and what they are used for:
1- Armitage
2- Metasploit framework
3- Wrapping payloads using tools such as Senna Spy One
4- Wireshark
5- Driftnet
6- Ettercap
7- SYN/ ACK / TCP Null / UDP / ICMP / Flooding attacks
8- Nessus Vulnerability scanner
9- ARP spoofing
10- The Social Engineer Toolkit ( SET )
11- Android Framework for Exploitation V 2.0

12- OpenVas 8.0 vulnerability scanning

13- Kali Linux
Last point i would like you to give half a page each about:
– History of Raspberry Pi
– History of Kali linux


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