How do the politics of tariffs differ from those of other trade barriers? Discuss the implications for consumers and producers.

Analytical Essay: In reviewing theoretical and empirical evidence, each essay should refer to both developed and developing countries.
Recommended to paraphrase sources rather than directly quoting them.
Essay should comprehensively reference relevant readings in support of original ideas.

Must use the following Articles: 

“Optimal Obfuscation: Democracy and Trade Policy Transparency” – Daniel Y. Kono 2006

Suggested articles:

“Why the Move to Free Trade? Democracy and Trade Policy in the Developing Countries” – Helen V. Milner, Keiko Kubota 2005

“A Non-Tariff Protectionist Bias in Majoritarian Politics: Government Subsidies and Electoral Institutions” – Stephanie J. Rickard 2012

“Support for Free Trade: Self-Interest, Sociotropic Politics, and Out-Group Anxiety” – Edward D. Mansfield, Diana C. Mutz 2009


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