How do design interventions/design satisfy refugee

Introducing the topic, by stating the argument “ what if refugee camps where designed in a more sophisticated way. They currently meet their basic such as shelter, food and water but what if there are design solutions that would meet their psychological needs.
Designing for 99% of the worlds population (Buck minister fuller theory)
design for the real world victor papnik

1000 words Main body:
-Refugee camps providing basic needs such as shelter food and water. Talk about the shelters being provided , structures..etc And how do they provide these basic needs.
-Examples of the best refugee camps , whats good about them and whats not/ whats missing from them. 
-Refugees being traumatised because of what they go through, their journeys (psychologically and physically.

1000 words:
Design interventions,case studies of other camps/houses/spaces. The case studies don’t necessarily have to be camps , however the concept must be adapted to refugee camps. For example a house or space that creates a sense of familiarity to people, a space that creates a community, transformation spaces and adapting the concept to refugee camps. whether it could work for them in terms of creating a community or sense of familiarity in the space thus affecting psychological needs.
Examples of controlled spaces, that give its occupants the ability to do normal daily chores/tasks for e.ghygienic beauty , buying stuff..etc what happens if that would be applied to refugee camps, how would it make them feel.

1000 words: 
Ikea’s flat pack furniture refugee shelter solutions the fact that it could work wonders for refugees psychological needs, cause people might be able to relate to it , maybe remind them of their houses before the moved to the camps , creating a sense of personal space and familiarity thus meeting their psychological needs , of affecting them in term of feeling safe..etc.

Jordanian designer , that designed smart tents , maybe she used local resources dealing with the country’s natural resources , where are the refugees coming from ? 
creating design environments which have a sense of familiarity to these refugees.
1000 words:
Creating an experience, giving a sense of taste to the living spaces. 
Experience design. 
Design solutions that would make a difference to refugees psychological needs. 

Resources to be used :
Book : Design like you give a damn by thames and hudson . p50 and 51 humanitarian design today,

Transitional community p.94-99
Dome village : p180-183 talks about creating jobs while building structures , making refugees feel better and empowered.


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