hospitality organizations in the contemporary business environment.

hospitality organizations in the contemporary business environment.

Cite personal examples from the workplace and use the academic literature (theory and research) to
support your ideas and argument:

Question: What do you believe are the key elements of organizational culture specific to the hospitality

industry that may provide for competitive advantage? Justify your responses.

Evaluation Criteria:

Content: clear understanding ofthe topic

and concepts; adequate coverage ofthe topic and relevance ofthe material; application of material

Research: evidence of adequate depth and

breadth of research (a minimum of8 academic references are required). Academic references include text books, journal articles and
conference papers

Reasoning: a logical argument and discussion

Presentation: Essay format and structure only, with Harvard (Author Date)

style referencing and correct Reference List (An additional Bibliography is not required but a Reference List is essential). Structure, word
count, grammar and expression. An appropriate level ofparaphrasing is also expected.

Note: In an academic essay you are expected to

demonstrate to your readerthat you have a position, argument and perspective on the topic.

‘All assignments will be scanned through

Turnitin to examine originality of student work.

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