Hertz Corporation

Topics in Corporate Finance


Case Report: The Hertz Corporation (A)

Due Date: Sunday, November 15

It should be typed, double spaced with Times New Roman size 12.

Discuss the following questions in your report (provide calculations + equations used):

  • Write a brief intro about what you are going to write about.


  1. How much value do you expect to be created in the transaction envisioned by CD&R?


  1. Operating changes


  1. Capital structure changes


  1. How does the proposed transaction structure developed by CD&R and its partners help or hinder the realization of anticipated sources of value in the deal?


Examine the deal structure:


  1. Compare Hertz as a subsidiary of Ford to


  1. Hertz is independent public company (e.g., if IPOed) to


  1. Proposed LBO structure.


  1. Is the proposed LBO structure as stable, flexible, liquid etc. as CD&R claims?


  1. Valuation:


  1. What is “Corporate EBITDA” in the context of the proposed deal structure?


  1. Use the Enterprise Multiple method to value the sponsors’ equity at time of exit.

(Supplemental information: 2010 Corporate EBITDA 1590.8 million; Exit Multiple 6-8; 2010 Corporate Debt 3498.3 million)


  1. Calculate the sponsors’ IRR on their equity investment.


  1. How much should CCM bid on September 5?


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