Health, Safety and Risk Management

Company and Project Description 
Systems Building is a construction firm with a turnover of £600 million and 2250 employees. Currently the company has a partnership agreement contract with the Department of Work and Pensions to refurbish and extend the Edinburgh office. The contract is a £5.6 million refurbishment of the existing building with a new extension project scheduled to last 47 weeks in total. Systems Building operates by engaging subcontractors to carry out the building work. The project will commence in 6 months. 
Coursework Brief 
The Chief Executive (CE) of Systems Building recognises the need to have effective and flexible project management. The Chief Executive has asked you, an external Project Management Consultant, to provide a professional report addressing the following 3 sections associated with the project. 
1) Health & Safety
2) Environmental & Sustainability
3) Risk
(choose a topic that is neither health and safety, nor environmental) 
The CE wishes you to identify and describe effective management approaches for each of the three sections and with the aid of two distinct and different examples for each, to explain how they might be used in practice. Specifically, within the management approach chosen, she wishes you to address the following. 
1) The management process to be followed for each section. 
2) The timeline for project progression, providing a table of the main hazards identified for each stage. 
3) How relevant hazards will be identified and evaluated.
4) The process(es) adopted to monitor and review performance. 
5) How the management systems chosen will accommodate project progression and the consequent hazards arising. 
Given the high level nature of the report, the focus should be concerned with the systems and tools to be employed by the team to ‘manage’ the project and there is no requirement for indepth details of any particular national legislation. 
Each of the three individual sections of the report should finish with a subsection headed ‘Discussion’ in which a critical analysis of the system and tool choices made should be presented. This may take the form of a reflective statement on the advantages and disadvantages of the management/hazard system chosen, of the issues of implementation in a Project setting, and of the value of management systems and tools on a project of this nature. Students are expected to refer to relevant and up-to-date academic literature to inform their critical analyses. 
Word Count 
1) Excluding the discussion subsections, the three sections i.e. H&S, Environmental and Risk, should be circa 750 words maximum each (+/- 10%) (total for whole coursework is 2250). 
2) Each discussion subsection should be circa 750 words maximum each (+/- 10%) (total for whole coursework is 2250). 
3) Overall total coursework word count is therefore 4500 maximum (+/- 10%). 
Use of models, figures, and diagrams is encouraged. Use a reasonable and realistic amount of supporting text to support any such models etc. Please note, you may make reasonable and relevant assumptions to progress your work. 

1)Table of content
2)List of Figures
3)List of Tables
All these are needed in the coursework. Please add diagrams as well.


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