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Research Methods for Engineers Assignment 2: Research Design Semester 2 – 2015




Report Due Date:     17h00 PM AEST, Fri 30th october


Submit Report to:    

  • Library – Assignment Services for marking (attention: Andrew Leicester, Griffith School of Engineering, Gold Coast campus)


  • A soft copy must be submitted through the Blackboard assessment submission system (Turnitin). Please ensure you keep a copy of your assignment.
  • An Assessment Cover Sheet must be submitted with your assignment


Length of Report:     max 15 pages, (not including list of references)


Weighting:                 60%


Overall Objective

This course has a total of two assignments. Each assignment corresponds with the other assignment in that the second assignment builds upon the completion of the first assignment. In other words, what you write in Assignment 1 forms the foundation upon which Assignment 2 can be based. Each assignment will be primarily assessed on the student’s proficiency in describing and explaining the skills required for each of the relevant stages of the scientific research process.


Each assignment contributes in part to a total understanding of the scientific research process, from initial definition of the research problem, generation of research questions and hypotheses, to verification of the research hypotheses and validation of the research results for final conclusion(s) and completion of the selected research topic.


The overall objective of these assignments is simply for the student to give a comprehensive, well structured, and methodical approach, with adequate supporting literature references, on HOW the particular selected research topic needs to be researched, with specific reference to the research problem, research questions, research hypotheses, research methodology ,its problems and validation, including theoretical and empirical examples throughout all the stages of the scientific research process.


The student is NOT expected to conduct actual research in the selected topic.



Research Topic

Students may select ANY research topic for completion of their assignments.


Assignment Details

Although group discussion of the scientific research process is encouraged for students to fully understand the required rigour of completing the assignments on their selected research topic, students must complete each assignment on their own to allow for individual assessment. Before starting this assignment read the Assessment Marking Criteria on the following page. Each assignment must be presented in typical report format.





Write a formal report describing in detail why your particular selected research topic needs to be researched, including appropriate theoretical and empirical examples explaining your approach to identifying the research problem, conducting a preliminary literature review and assessment, adopting the appropriate logical reasoning approach, generating specific research questions, formulating research hypotheses





Additional Requirements

Assessment marks will be given in accordance with each assignment’s assessment sheet for content, presentation, brevity, format, and logic. Marks will be deducted for poor referencing, inadequate paragraph numbering, surplus words, irrelevant detail, and/or inefficient use of appendices.


The two assignments (in combination) are about the basic skills needed for conducting research projects, and are due in weeks 6 and 13 of the semester. Assignments should not exceed the prescribed number of pages.

















Research Methods for Engineers Assignment 2: Research Design Semester 2 – 2015




Name……………………………………………………………… Student No.…………………………..



Assessment Marking Criteria: Assessment of this assignment will be based on the extent to which it meets each of the following criteria:


CONTENT: Your assignment content must demonstrate:


A thorough knowledge and critical analysis of the appropriate course material expressed in a coherent report format with typical headings supporting the report’s beginning, body and conclusion. Please read the assignments in the “general course information” carefully and ensure you clearly understand what is required for you to write/demonstrate

Marks     /30


  • Appropriateness of application and extent of coverage of the Assignment 2 Task Description top
  • Ensure that assignment 2 covers and refers to what was done in assignment 1
  • If anything was missed or written wrongly in assignment 1 ensure that it is covered and /or corrected in assignment 2

Marks     /25


Knowledge and application of the literature review in support of your approach. Covering       assignment 2.

Marks     /25




PRESENTATION: Your assignment presentation must demonstrate:

Relevant literature (expected to be more than 6 references including academic   journals).       Ensure that the literature is recent                             Marks      /5

Clarity of expression/grammar and spelling.                                            Marks /5                                                                                                                                                                                                                







Strict conformity to referencing style of the author-date system of referencing.

Marks     /5


Appropriate presentation volume within the specified minimum/maximum word limit.

Marks     /5



Late submittal penalty, where applicable, of 5% per day.



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