guided book report!

The book is (G. Dardess and M. Mich, In the Spirit of St. Francis and the Sultan. Orbis Books 2011. ISBN: 9781570759079 )
the book report may go over five pages but should not be less than that (e.g. 4 1⁄2 page-report will receive a point deduction). The book report must include responses to the following questions. Each question should be addressed separately and should be clearly identified by the numeral and/or the question:
(i) What sort of book is this? What subjects are covered? What is the chronological limit? What field of work does it come out of? What kind of questions does this focus allow the author to answer/explore? What kinds of questions are precluded by this focus?
(ii) What is the overall point/thesis of the book? One way of looking at this is what bothers, delights, fascinates, frightens or repulses the author and what are they trying to do with that and why? Another way to consider this question is to ask what problem is this author trying to solve? Do their efforts work to your satisfaction?
(iii) What three new insights about the subject did you learn from this book?
(iv) Identify one confrontation with your own assumptions that you found in this text, i.e. what do you now
have to at least consider differently than before reading this book?
(v) What useful connections do you find between the required readings, discussions in class, and this text?
What relevant dis-connections do you find?
(vi) Would you recommend this book to others? to whom? why or why not?

it is very important that you follow scholarly standards in your writing and presentation. Please cite page numbers within the text of your report as extensively as possible. All assertions and statements taken from the book, whether they are quoted or paraphrased must be cited in a parenthetical format (e.g. author’s last name, p. xx). Similarly all references to ideas or critical issues referred to in your report must include a page reference from the book. Example: “the author includes a long discussion on Buddhism in Asia on “pages xyz”, but never mentions the presence of Buddhism in Indonesia which has a significant Buddhist following….” No book report drafts will be reviewed without adequate in-text references. Book-reports will be graded on the basis of how strictly you observe the following: (1) scholarly format; (2) scholarly writing style and content and (3) timely submission and in-class presentation of the summary of the report.


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