Greenhouse Effect

To critique a physical explanation of the enhanced greenhouse effect presented in a Futurama video called: “None Like it Hot!” you can also find many copies of the video on youtube (for example: ). By now you should have a basic understanding of the processes that control the Earth’s temperature, and how the strength of the greenhouse effect can change over time. Does the video get it right? (Hint: the video does a good job with some aspects of the problem and gets other aspects completely wrong).

Explain what aspects of the greenhouse effect the video gets right and where the video veers from the truth. Try to find as many distinct aspects of the explanation that are misleading and explain how you would alter the explanation to make it more correct. (Perhaps you can even still make the dialog funny!).

We want you to separately address the video as a tool for understanding (1) the natural greenhouse effect and (2) the enhanced greenhouse effect. You should feel free to critique the solution that the video proposes to combat global warming, but we are really looking for you to focus on the explanation of the greenhouse effect and the enhanced greenhouse effect.


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