God is red

Book Project #3: God is Red
Question Prompt
Select one of question prompts (or choose one of your own with the agreement of the professor) and answer it in the format of a short paper or audio-visual project (4-6 pages for a paper, 4-6 minutes for an audio presentation, or 3-4 minutes for a video presentation).
1) In the book Liao Yiwu interviews many people. What challenges did they face over the last century, and what made them keep their faith? Consider both external and internal factors.
2) Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and other faiths were targeted during the Cultural Revolution. Why? What threat did they represent to the government, and why did the government react against them?
3) What is Liao Yiwu hoping to accomplish by writing this book? What are his objectives and biases?
You should not use outside sources. For this project you should draw only from God is Red and material we cover in lecture. An ideal project will feature a strong thesis statement that answers the questions prompt, supporting evidence from lectures and the assigned readings (roughly 7 citations from the reading), a clear and polished presentation, and minimal grammatical mistakes. You do not need to summarize the book; what is important is that you answer the question and provide interesting examples to back up your argument.
Upload your essay or project to Turnitin on Moodle. If you would like your professor to view a draft, please bring it to him during his office hours. If you choose to do an audio or video presentation, please upload your citation page to Turnitin and email your project or the link to your project to me. I strongly suggest you try an audio or visual presentation if you have not done so already!


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