Global Trade Operations

Each group is required to select a country. In particular, you are required to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge regarding the international trade policies and procedures.
– Brief trade history of the chosen country
– Import/export commodities (services) and key supply chains
– Theorisation of trade practices – in the context of International trade theories
– Critical assessment of key trade policies – tariff, subsidies, quotas, off-shoring and FDI
– Strategic and policy recommendations

You may follow the following format to present your group assignment.
i. Title Page: (course name; course or unit number; student’s name and student number; lecturer’s name; and date of submission)

ii. Table of Contents: (Section No., name of sections and page number)

iii. An Executive Summary: An abstract summarises the argument of the submission and keep it between half to one page. Abstract helps the reader preview the content of the paper and assists them in following the thread of your argument. It also tests whether or not you grasp the essentials of your arguments adequately. The synopsis should be clearly labelled and presented before the body of your paper.

iv. Body of Report: Refer to respective assignment requirements above

v. Recommendations

vi. Bibliography: A bibliography lists books, websites, journals and articles along with any other sources cited in the text of the paper, as well as other sources used to obtain a background understanding of the topic but not necessarily cited in the text. This is more detailed than a Reference List that includes only those sources that are cited in the text of the paper. YOU MUST FOLLOW ONE STYLE THROUGHOUT THE PAPER

vii. Appendices


3.0 Trade history of the country
4.0 Import/export commodities (services) and key supply chains
5.0 Theorisation of trade practices
———————-in the context of International trade theories
6.0 Critical assessment of key trade policies
6.1 tariff
6.2 subsidies
6.3 quotas
6.4 off-shoring
6.5 FDI
7.0 Strategic and policy recommendations
8.0 Recommendations
9.0 Conclusion
10.0 Appendices

note that the focus of this report is on critical evaluation of current trade policies and procedures, the strategy and policy recommendations are pivotal to achieve higher grades

theories should be embedded while critiquing the trade policies, not as a separate heading


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