Global south cannot escape poverty because of the fast fashion and second clothes

Write an analytical review for Clothing Poverty. The Hidden World of Fast Fashion and Second Hand Clothes (notes for the book will be attached for reference) by addressing this statement:
“Brooks makes a compelling case that the textile and garment industries have developed in response to western interests and consumption demands, contributing substantially to a highly unequal world in which the citizens of the global south cannot escape poverty. Unfortunately, he fails to provide use with a satisfactory solution.” Discuss.

The thesis must discuss the entire statement (both sentences) and should be something like this: “I agree that the textile and garment industries have developed because of western interests – initially with colonialism, then with capitalism and the expansion of colonialism, and now in the 20th century with globalization that has left the global south in a cycle of poverty. Brooks does not provide a solid solution to this third world problem, as it is such a complex problem to solve. 

This is a course on development challenges face by countries of the Global South where economic crisis and persistent poverty prevails. The roots of the difficulties stem largely from unequal global and domestic power relationships. So the paper must discuss the social, political, economic factors to answer the question.

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