Global Economic Governance

Global Economic Governance

Topic category: Economics

Paper instructions:
Questions: Each question should be addressed in terms of specific areas of global economic governance, specific organizations and the theories introduced during the course. You may base your argument on one or more area and organization. For each questions you need to answer in five pages (1 pages = 2275 characters including spaces)
1. How far does global economic governance respond to the needs of developing countries and what best explains this response?
2. How should the political character of international organisations and the policies they promote best be understood? What drives change in this character and these policies over time?

3. The international organisations that govern the global economy are merely carriers of the interests of dominant states. How far is this a convincing understanding of the politics of global economic governance?

4. There exist both ‘internal’ and ‘external’ explanations of the power, policies and influence of the institutions, which govern the global economy. How far do you consider this dichotomy useful and where do you stand in this debate?

5. Global economic governance is a technical concern, it has little to do with politics. Critically debate this assertion.

6. How is the relationship between the public and private in global economic governance best understood and explained? How does that relationship impact on the politics of global economic governance?

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