Global Business Logistics


Based on the information provided on this course and supplemented by your personal research, Assignment 1 invites you to summarise and present an analysis of the impact of 4-5 major logistics changes that are currently taking place (or which it is anticipated will take place over the next decade) in your selected country or region.

In the context of this assignment, ‘logistics’ should be taken as reflecting the sub-set of supply chain management that relates to the transport and warehousing function (and associated information management)

A key factor is assessing the students work will be the use of appropriate academic frameworks to identify and analyse the logistic changes and developments.

Criteria & Marking:

The assessment and the submission should contain 2,500 words (+/- 10%) (excluding bibliography) and be referenced in accordance with the Harvard system.  There is no requirement to provide an index or an executive summary. p(7).

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