Gifted Education

Text: (Neihart, M., Reis, S., Robinson, N. & Moon, S. (Editors). (2002). The social and emotional development of gifted children: What do we know? Waco, Texas: Prufrock Press.) Chapters 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, Introduction & Final chapter.

Bottom of Form

This short film conveys a patchwork of diverse gifted individuals

– write 2 common factors to look for – their passion and their need to find an outlet or some sort of support for or management of their passion?

Danah is talking about a leadership course that includes attention to developing spiritual intelligence. Consider

Answer this question ?

– what she says about the importance of developing spiritual intelligence in schools. Are there some children who have spiritual giftedness?

1- If a school decides to use the Columbus Group definition in their gifted students’ policy, what would you expect to see in that school and why? (Your answer should be less than 30 lines)250 words.

3- In a brief critical reflection, select one aspect of affective development discussed in this LM that you think illustrates Silverman’s claim that gifted children not only think differently, they feel differently (1993).


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