Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering

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Can technology make us better? Do you think genetic engineering can improve people? Can computer chip implants make us smarter or healthier? Can cloning extend our lives?

A)    Part A – Report Final: Create a Word report the topic you choose for Discussion 8 in computers.  Write a 500 word report on the topic. Please include your works cited from Project 6 (use APA format since this is a computer science course). If you use more than four resources be sure to include the others as well.  In your report also have a header with your last name and page number, and a manual page break before works cited page. The report should be five or more paragraphs long with introduction, body, and conclusion.  You should also use one inch margins on all sides, use 12pt Times New Roman font, double space your text, create a separate title page, and indent your paragraphs.  Be sure that this report is in your own words with your own thoughts and ideas on the topic.
B) Part B – Excel Final:  Create an excel chart and graph about your topic. Include this in your PowerPoint Final.
C)   Part C – PowerPoint Final: You will need to create an 8-10 slide presentation about your report.  Include the following:
•    One picture on each slide
•    Two custom animation on each slide
•    One design template
•    Two slide transition    •    Sound
•    Three hyperlinks
•    Notes on each slide
•    Word Art or Shapes

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