Game Theory

This order is ideally suited for a writer who is familiar with game theory, and the penny matching game in particular, to make the description below easier to understand. 

This order is to improve an existing paper about the penny matching game, which is a type of game from game theory. In this assignment, we test the results of changing the payoff of one of the possible combinations in the penny matching game. Ex. A soccer player in a penalty shoot out regular vs if the payout was increased if the kicker scored in the top left hand corner of the goal with a reward of 10,000. How does it effect the goal keeper and kickers decisions vs the zero sum game.

The paper is already written as a first draft. I wanted someone who is an expert in this subject to improve it. The first draft of the paper, the rubric, and the professor’s comments are attached. The first draft and the professor’s comments are attached in PDF form, as the comments were handwritten. The current essay includes references, but the writer is free to add or remove references as they like.


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