Formal Writing Rules

Your purpose in this essay is not to advocate one side or the other but to present both sides in a neutral manner, then to propose your compromise in a way that both sides will (or would) accept.
Be written formally; keep a copy of “Formal Writing Rules” in front of you as you write Include a thesis; please bold it so I can find it easily  Support your thesis with well-chosen summaries, paraphrases, or quotations from sources, all incorporated and cited properly throughout. Remember, plagiarism means an automatic “F!”.
 Be organized into paragraphs in a logical sequence with transitions between each  Include details and evidence, as well as move from general to specific effectively  Have a catchy introduction that provides the (hypothetical uninformed) reader with sufficient background information  Use at least two peer-reviewed articles from the TCC databases plus either one article from your textbook and information from the DVD or two articles from your textbook. You are not limited to these sources and can certainly use more than the minimum four!


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