Financial services and Economics development in Africa

Financial services and Economics development in Africa

1)A Simple Model of Economic Development: This is a theoretical and an empirical paper on economic development. You need to follow the given structure for writing your paper.   model must be Y=mX+b..
2) one independent and one dependent variable, 20 data points (table), sources of data, and one paper with similar idea….
Important:  Dependent Variable, GNI ( US,PPP) ….. Independent Variable;  Financial service consumption.
3) You need to identify an independent variable that you think is most responsible for economic development (dependent variable) of an economy. Under Introduction you need to justify your choice with economic reasons.
4) Find papers or articles with similar ideas as yours and discuss them under Literature Review. At least 3 academic or reputable articles related to the topic must be cited.
5) To depict your idea construct a model in form of a linear regression equation. Collect necessary data for your model. It is your choice if you want to perform a time-series analysis or a cross-section analysis. Under Model and Data explain your model, variables, and data in detail. Data should be included in the form of a table. At least 20 data points are needed.
6) Run the regression using any statistical program or Excel.
Under Results explain your findings (why it is making sense or why not).
Under Conclusion write what your main idea is and what your main findings are.
Under References include the works that you have cited and sources of your data.
Introduction (justification of the choice), Literature Review, Conclusion,
References, (proper citation, like, author, title, year, page number, etc.)
and, use of sub-titles:
Explanation of the model, use of data and the statistical findings:

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