financial globalization and crisis

This project concerns chapter 20 on financial globalization and crisis. Your task is to produce a slideshow with a maximum of 8 slides, and therein to

clearly summarize and present the concept of the financial trilemma, and to
clearly summarize and present the developments around the global financial crisis of 2008 and after, and to
report on recent developments on the basis of (a) a data chart that you download and present, or (b) a relevant “long read,” or (c) a policy brief or similar document.

The Federal Reserve “Fred” database is probably the best starting point on data. A “long read” is a magazine article. You might consider the NY Times magazine, or the New Yorker, or others that have presented detailed accounts of the global crisis. A policy brief is a short paper put out by a think tank or research institute. Possible starting points are the Peterson Institute, or the Brookings Institute, or a similar outfit.

Please note that the challenge of this project is to, first, understand and summarize the key issues presented in the textbook, and then, second, to identify, analyze and relate additional materials to these.


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