Financial Form Literacy.

Retrieve an audit and accompanying 990 federal tax form for the organization of your choosing. Write 4 pages in which you describe and evaluate the financial management of the highly functioning human services organization on your choose. Summarize its financial strength. Evaluate its budgeting, internal controls, and cost analysis comprehensively by addressing these items: 

1. Cost analysis
2. Risk analysis
3. Independent financial review
4. A culture of accountability and transparency
5. Revenue diversification 

Use the best information you are able to retrieve and supplement this with your knowledge of best practices in the field based on this week’s readings. 

The reading are: 

Vaughan, S., & Arsneault, S. (2003). Managing nonprofit organizations in a policy world. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. 

Chapter 10: Resource Development: 

Welkart, L, Chen, G., & Sermier, E. (2014). Budgeting and financial management for nonprofit organizations: Using money to drive mission success. Thousand Oaks, CA: CQ Press.

Chapter 2: Budgeting as part of the Planning process.
Chapter 3: Liquidity and Managing Cash Flow.
Chapter 4: Cost and Cost Analysis.
Chapter 14: Internal Controls. 


Drew, J. (1987). Financial management in human services subcontracting:Audit controls and service delivery operations. Public administration Quarterly, 11(3),342.


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