Final term paper – Project Management

In a well thought out and researched academic paper explain how Project Management is applied in your major “finance”? Investigate the major “finance” frameworks, process oriented (PMBOK) and Agile? Reflect on their application to the Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, and Risk management of typical industry projects.

The following are some questions to assist you. Please note: these are not all of the questions you will need to ask yourself as you perform your research and analysis.

  1. Is project management widely applied in this industry “finance”? How?
  2. Which of the two major frameworks is most often used? Why?
  3. Is the other framework ever used? How?
  4. How are the major knowledge areas (see above) addressed within a typical industry project?

Paper requirements:

The paper should:

  1. Contain the following sections
    1. Cover page – Title of Paper, Course Name and Number, Your Name, Date
    2. Table of contents
    3. Abstract
    4. Conclusion
    5. Bibliography
  1. Written using Times New Roman 12 pt. Font
  2. The abstract, content, and conclusion sections must be double spaced.
  3. Must use both in-text and referential citations.
  4. Citations must be APA formatted
  5. Margins 1 inch

Grading Criteria

Evaluation CriteriaLetter GradeRange %


Excellent content or observations and reflection presented in a well-written style with well-supported content. Response includes references from the text and class discussions. All sources are cited and formatted according to the APA style criteria.


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