Final Project: Comprehensive Leadership Case Study

For your Final Project, review the case “Mattel: Crisis Management or Management Crisis”
Put yourself in the position of the CEO at Mattel.This case discusses many product safety issues, that Mattel faced from its suppliers in China. Leadership at Mattel must examine legal, ethical, and business considerations in determining how to best react in this crisis situation where there are safety concerns surrounding the materials used in some of their toys. Mattel’s precautions were not sufficient to shield it from health hazards in the toys it made in China. Mattel names a new CEO in early 2015:
Consider the following six facets of working with Christopher Sinclair who is the new CEO of Mattel. (Suggested page numbers for each facet of this Final Project are provided below). By responding to each facet of the assignment outlined below, you will be examining the different phases that an I/O psychologist would go through working with a client (the assessment, action planning, and evaluation phases) in regards to leadership responding in a crisis situation.
1. Client Engagement: Identify the issues and concerns the client would like to address (2 pages). Take this from the perspective of Sinclair
a. Why are you being brought in to consult? What are the presenting issues for Mattel that they must address ASAP? What are her anticipated outcomes from the consultation/partnership?
Diagnosis:What do you assess? (2 pages)
. Based on engagement with the client, what assessments would you use to verify the actual challenges/issues (the client’s leadership communication skills, effectiveness, competencies)?
Assessment: How do you assess issues and problems for this given situation? (1–2 pages)
Feedback: How do you present feedback to the client? (1–2 pages)
Action Plan: What would be included in your action plan to address the agreed upon next steps? (2 pages)
. What would be the preferred leadership approach, style, communication? Based on the learning resources, what leadership style would you select to address given issues? What theories/models relate to your suggestions?
Evaluation: How would you evaluate the effectiveness/success of the performance indicators of leadership effectiveness? (2 pages)
. What strategies might you implement to assess Sinclair’s leadership effectiveness?
a. What strategies might you implement to prepare Sinclair to effectively address consumers?
b. Develop a plan to address the issues of public image, authentic leadership, and transparent communication to ensure effective public relations.
c. What type of assessment would you use to determine your plan’s effectiveness?
Present your case analysis in a 10- to 12-page paper. Include a minimum of seven scholarly sources within your case analysis. Be sure your paper is formatted according to APA format guidelines.


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