Final Exam Reflection Paper James Holman

—Math students throughout the ages

Hopefully, this course has enlightened you to various and diverse applications of thinking mathematically. Math is more than a way to manipulate numbers and letters; math offers concrete skills in organizing, reasoning, building, planning, logical thinking, and a path to financial security. In this final assignment, you are asked to reflect on the skills you have learned and how they will be applied to your personal and professional life moving forward.

To prepare for this Reflection:

Review the weekly Discussion questions and responses.

Consider how you have grown in knowledge and perspective since the beginning of the course.
Think about the ways in which you use math in your everyday life that you previously may not have considered mathematical thinking.
In what areas do you apply mathematical concepts?
In what way might knowledge of mathematical concepts help you in your life?
Reflect on any changes in the way you view math now versus when you began this course. If nothing has changed, reflect on why.
How might you approach mathematics differently after this course?
What mathematical skills have strengthened since the beginning of this course?

The assignment:

Compose a 2- to 3-page paper demonstrating your understanding of how mathematical thinking can be applied to your personal and professional life. Be sure to include the following:

Describe three of the skills you have acquired or improved upon in this course, and how these skills can be applied in:
Your personal life
Your academics (including this course)
Your professional life
Describe two skills you feel you still would like to improve upon. How will improving these skills help you in your personal, academic, or professional life?
Cite at least two examples to support your paper.


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