Film & Theater studies

Film & Theater studies

Please watch 2 movies about Taiwan Film, and (1.) please one episode from Sandwich Man to contrast with What time is there. (2.) zoom in on similarities and differences you perceive in the two texts. (3.) tell/show how/why you are liking or disliking the two films based on Textual Evidence. (4.) find/ focus/frame. (5.) Please stay away from summary, and concentrate mart on analysis.

AND Please log in to my school website in order to watch the Movies. . You will need to download the VPN software in order to access the movies. First, you choose the VPN software download that is suitable for the browser you are using, then you follow the instruction to install and it will tell you how to get on the VPN server. The username of my VPN account is Username: phwu and the password is : Pretty1103. (P with uppercase, and end with a Period). Once you successfully log on to the VPN server, you then go on Google Chrome then you enter the following on the search bar, then it should take you to the Docutek ERes page, and the password for Docuted ERes is : pl120b Then you click on the digital media reserves, and once you click it you should be able to watch the movie that is for the assignment, which is : (1) Sandwich Man and (2) What time is There.

Moreover, you can Google these 2 film review to have pre-ideas.

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