feudal life of the Early Middle Ages


Choose one of the following and compare its society to the feudal life of the Early Middle Ages: Clash of Clans, World of Warcraft,The Fellowship of the Ring (or the Hobbit), or the HBO series Game of Thrones. Or you may choose another comparison as long as it is science fiction or futuristic fantasy. (Do not choose a fantasy story already set in Middle Ages or in the past, or one that clearly has no common points with feudalism.)

Think of the terminology used as well as the relationships within each society. Use the LibGuide provided below in this Learning Module to research “feudalism” beyond what is in the textbook–you might consider more in depth games and pastimes, perceptions of women, and farming technology, for example, as well as concepts like loyalty between vassal and lord, and otherworldly ideals–or choose your own. Have fun with this assignment, but make sure your comparisons are understandable to a reader unfamiliar with your choices.


Make at least 3 major comparisons, and, again, follow the SEE-I format. Conclude with either an anecdote or an analogy.


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