feedback for essay

feedback in his essay a follows:


1-   Peer review comments – The extent to which you have made appropriate and constructive comments on the essay [essay student B]which you reviewed as part of the peer-review process.

2-   Student [B] essay should be a maximum of 4,000 words (including references).

3-   The structure should be: Introduction, utilitarian analysis, Kantian analysis, virtue ethics analysis; conclusion; recommendations.

4-   Please provide comments to your peer under the following headings:


A-   Topic background and ethical issue – The extent to which the essay clearly explains the background to your topic and identifies a clear and focused ethical issue.


B-   Application of key ethical theories – The extent to which the essay uses the key ethical theories to investigate the ethical issue identified. The extent to which the essay has applied the more sophisticated aspects of the theories and also utilised the relevant academic literature identified to add sophistication to the analysis.


C-   Conclusions and recommendations – The extent to which the essay provides a logical conclusion based on the ethical analysis. The extent to which they essay has developed recommendations – e.g. ethical principles and/or policy recommendations – that would help address the ethical issue identified.


D-  Writing style – The extent to which the essay is free from bibliographical, grammatical and typographical errors. Please underline text which includes mistakes with write correction.



Before you read the essay to write feedback, please note that I found three mistakes, and I want you take idea and write about them also:

–   The essay topic is ‘Should more attentions invest in poor farmers’ welfare improvement?. This topic is not specific I mean the topic is incomplete that the task is to analyze the issue from each of the three theoretical perspectives. Student [B] should analyze the relevant ethical issues from the perspective of utilitarian, Kantian and virtue perspectives. So the good topic is ‘Should more attentions invest in poor farmers’ welfare improvement from an Ethical Perspective?

–     Student [B] did not complete his essay that he just wrote: Introduction, utilitarian analysis, Kantian analysis, virtue ethics analysis; BUT he did not write about conclusion; recommendations and there is no references. Look at No.3 above.

–     Less than 4000 word. Look No.2 above.


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