Family Interview CFAM

Please read the instructions to this assignment carefully before completing it. All citations from body of paper must appear on reference (last five years) references from peer-reviewed journals and research based secondary sources pertaining to the care of the family. APA format should used correctly, please use the 6th edition manual. I’ll send all the instructions now, please note that I’m sending an example of how the paper should be written. Many thanks.


Family Selection and Consent Guidelines


Academic Paper: Family Interview, Assessment & Intervention

CNUR 300: Family Health



Selection Criteria


  • The student will select a family from the community that they are unfamiliar with. You may wish to interview a family known to a friend or another student.
  • When selecting a family to interview, don not select your own, or one with whom you are very close.
  • Do not select/interview a family from your clinical rotation (due to the quick turnover of admissions, risks to privacy and confidentiality, impact on your other clinical responsibilities, and complexity of clinical families)
  • It is preferable that you Do not select/interview a family of another student since the instructor, will know the identity of the student and reveal information about their family.
  • Interview the family independently. Each student should interview a separate family, to give you the opportunity to demonstrate independent work.


Consent and Confidentiality


  • When you approach a family, discuss with the family what the interview will involve.
  • Be sure that you have the consent of all members.
  • Discuss confidentiality of their information, and uphold it.
  • Obtain consent, using the provided form. Bring two copies and have them both signed; leave one with the family with contact information should there be any questions following the interview
  • Do not disclose the identity of or information about the family to other students.
  • Use pseudonyms/alternate names within your written assignment.
  • Do not write family members’ names in your notes.
  • Do not audio or video-record the interview.


Submission of Forms


  • You must bring the original signed paper copy of the consent form to submit in-person to the instructor at the midterm exam. Without the consent form your paper will be considered incomplete and will accrue late marks accordingly.


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