Factors that Hinders Women Empowerment

So this is phase number one of my research paper in which the topic is “Factors that Hinders Women Empowerment in the Middle East”. For now all I need the writer to do is data collection from 2 sources (Word Bank Data and IMF Data). This must be put and organize in an excel sheet that includes 2 pages, each page for one source. So to make it clearer:

Page one of the excel sheet (World Bank Data), the writer includes data under 3 categories/indicators (education, gender, social development, social protection and labor). The same with page 2 under IMF Data. I HAVE ATTACHED THE EXCEL SHEET WITH THE FIRST PAGE READY TO BE FILLED AND THE WRITER JUST NEEDS TO DO THE SECOND ONE THE SAME but the data from IMF Data.

The point is trying to find trends worldwide and compare to the Middle East to be able to come up with a strong argument about the Middle East. My problem is reading the data and collecting it, I don’t know how and that is why I need help.

If the writer feels there should be more to be added please do. He is the expert and I need his/her help. It is a political science topic that needs these data for the quantitative research so it is very important, all the info is in the sources and I included the link for both below.



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