Factors relevent to case

Factors relevent to case

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Written Assignment – Factors Relevant to the Case
A doctor assists a patient in a hospital.We will be using the case study method along with role playing to carefully examine a case involving a human services worker’s responsibility to a client who wishes to terminate medical treatment. The case, When Living Feels Like Dying: Ethical Decision Making with a Depressed Dialysis Client, is described in the role play description. The case is abstracted from an unpublished paper by Mary A. Kardauskas, SHCJ, MSW published in Rothman (2005) From the front lines: Student cases in social work ethics. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Renal dialysis case workers encounter a variety of ethical issues in their professional practice. Ethical dilemmas frequently center around client self-determination, prolongation of life, confidentiality, resource availability, and hospital/insurance company policies and practices, which may conflict with social work values. The following case study we will examine illustrates several of those issues.

Background Assignment

Identify the statements from the NOHSE ethical code, Reamer’s Guide, Lowenberg and Dolgoff’s Ethical Screen, religious ethical principals, postmodern perspectives. and your own ethical framework that are most likely to be relevant. Research any other cases which may throw light on this case including medical and psychological treatment options. Present your findings here so that they can be used as background in the role playing process. Be sure to make appropriate citations in APA format.

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