Explain the concepts of justice, harmony, and virtue

Answer one of the questions below. Your response should be five pages in length.
List the question you are answering at the top of your essay.!
Cite your sources: It is not necessary to consult outside materials for this assignment (beyond lectures and assigned readings); however, you must reference and appropriately cite lectures and assigned readings, including a full bibliography at the end of your paper!
Have an explicit thesis statement in the first paragraph of your essay. Please underline this thesis statement. The remainder of the paper should develop and elaborate this thesis.
1. Explain the concepts of justice, harmony, and virtue
2. Explain the problem of elite regulation
3. Explain the where and how of proper order with a focus on the traditional role of the district magistrate
4. Explain the concepts that define the “what” of proper order!
5. Explain magnetic hegemony!”
The prompt along with all the lecture notes for this class and an ebook(An introduction to Confucianism, required reading) are included in the ADDITIONAL MATERIALS. Please choose 1 question and write about it. After you pick your topic, please develop a clear thesis and make sure to include lecture notes in the paper. Please make it a 5-page essay.
An introduction to Confucianism, by Xinzhong Yao
Sources of Chinese Tradition, by Cohen and de Bary (only pages 41-223)


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