Examine the return on investment (ROI) of Public Relations Depart

Examine the return on investment (ROI) of Public Relations Department’s activities in Oil Companies in Bahrain.

Usually Public Relations activities are considered as qualitative factors that lead to the creation of Company’s corporate image, represent its objectives and build its reputation. Moreover, just like all other departments in an organization, there must be a detailed analysis and description of its expenditures, costs and benefits to the company’s income. Therefore, an analysis of the Public Relations financial benefits is crucial for businesses to evaluate their position considering all economic statuses. I have chosen the Oil Industry particularly because of the downturn in its economic status due to the decrease in oil prices and increase in gas prices leading to many cost cutting initiatives affecting the public relations activities.

This report aims to examine the quantitative value or return on investment of Oil companies participating in public relations activities and events. The main objective is to discover whether or not there is a financial gain from these companies engaging is such activities.

Sample Population:
My sample population consists of employees related to both public relations and finance in relation to Executive Management. I need to gain the input regarding the management’s view of the significance of public relations.

Primary Research:
(Create the interview questions and provide the answers to them then analyse them and prove the results, I will communicate the mentioned to the below companies later on and get their approval before submitting.)
Interviews with PR and Finance Department heads in Oil Companies in Bahrain consisting of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC), National Oil and Gas Authority (Noga), Bahrain National Gas Association (BANAGAS), Bahrain Petroleum company (BAPCO).

Secondary Research:
The secondary research will consist of research papers that examine the relationship between public relations and financial gains, in any sort of company or industry, to prove whether or not there is a direct relationship between the two.

Literature Theories:
Use theories and proofed academic studies to explain the relationship.


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