Evaluating District Transition Services – Running Project Part One

This is a Masters of Special Education Transition Education and Services course assignment on Evaluating District Transition Services.

Please review the uploaded word document for more detailed assignment instructions, paper requirements, and important information to help you complete this assignment. It also includes a description for the Kingsport City Schools district and settings that will provide a context for this report.

I have also uploaded the completed Quality Indicators of Effective Transition Services Needs Assessment (TQI) for the Kingsport City Schools District in a PDF form. 


You must complete the following: 

1.) The results from the survey (uploaded for you). Please include the actual completed TQI summary page as an attachment to the back of your report.

2.) A paper (three to four pages double-spaced) addressing the following areas: 

– Describe your school district and setting to provide a context for this report. Provide a description of: (a) the type of community (e.g. urban, rural, suburban); (b) the size (number of students in school and/or district); (c) percentage of students receiving Free and Reduced Meals (FARM); (c) percentage of students in special education; (d) racial/ethnic composition; (e) your job title; (f) description of your students; and (g) description of your job duties. (All of this information is included in the uploaded word document I provided).

– Review and summarize the results of the survey across all 7 domains. As part of the summary analysis, be sure to rank order the domains from the first being the one needing the least amount of improvements, to the domain most in need of improvement. Be sure to include the domain mean scores for each of the 7 domains when you describe each domain. Describe both the strengths and needs for each domain area (i.e., at least 2 strengths and 2 needs for each domain). You can use the individual survey items from each domain to help structure your summary, however, it is not expected that the paper is a review of every single one of the 47 items on the survey.

– Select one domain area that you believe is the most critical to address and that you will research for Running Project Part 2. Be sure to describe why you believe this domain is most in need and support your discussion with a variety of sources: (a) the results from the QI survey, (b) results from interviews you may have completed with others in your district, and (c) any other information related to the domain areas.

3.) The rubric for how you will be assessed is also included in the uploaded word document I provided.


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