Ethics, Professionalism and Contemporary Issues

You are in your professional life, as an engineer working for a major corporation.
In conducting your job in the most efficient manner, how does or does not each of the following: 
A. IEEE Code of Ethics
B. National Society of Professional Engineer 
Help you in regards to: 
1. Improving culture of the work place
2. Resolve conflicts at the work place
3. Avoid conflict of interest with other companies
4. Prevent illegal transactions such as kickbacks, bribery, forging documents etc.
5. Stand for your rights (What are those?)

This is an individual assignment.
Typed and well organized material no more than 4 pages, single spaced, due for submission no later than 
October 29, 2015 by 5.00pm

(Remember, I am still a undergraduate student, the “Professional Engineering life” is just a assumption, however you can make some fake example of working experience as internship, but do not mention I am a full time worker)


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