Entrepreneurship 3312 – UH

Ethics Assignment

This assignment is about ethics (and, by extension, morality) in a corporate entrepreneurial environment.

You are to write an essay (min 500 words) that discusses the issues that may arise in a corporation as it strives to be more entrepreneurial, and as it conducts business in general. You should give examples, and propose solutions, realizing that what is supposed to happen in theory doesn’t necessarily happen in practice.

We have covered a variety of issues in terms of ethics so far in this course, from the actions of individuals, managers and senior executives to the company as a whole. You may want to mention some of these as examples (like the volkswagon example).

You can pick a specific aspect of ethical issues in business, or talk about ethics in business on a general level.

Other details:
This should be a Word document (no pdf or any other format; .dox or .docx)
You should use the Bauer Style Guide to format your document.
Using that Bauer Style Guide, you are to use either Arial 11 point font, or Time Roman 12 point font.
You should use a running header with your name and “Ethics assignment” in that header.
Use page numbers at the bottom.
Spelling and grammar count!

Writing Style Guide

This guide is intended to help you adopt a style of written communication that is appropriate for the real world of business. It is not intended to replace other writing style guides nor is it intended to be comprehensive. Instead, it includes suggestions to help you improve your professional writing and, in so doing, to improve the likelihood that your communication will be received positively by your audience. We ask that you follow these guidelines when preparing class writing assignments, unless instructed otherwise.
� Affix a title page containing your name, the name of the assignment, date, class, and your instructor’s name to the front of assignment.
� Do not encase the assignment in a folder or report cover.
� If the assignment contains multiple pages, staple it in the upper left hand corner and number
each page.
� Type the assignment, using 11 or 12 size and standard font (such as Arial, Courier, or Times New Roman).
� Do not use italics, unless referring to the title of another document, name of a judicial court decision, Latin phrase, or other commonly italicized term.
� Indent the start of every paragraph.
� Double space the assignment throughout.
� Use margins of approximately one inch on each side of the page.
� Do not end a page with a heading or single line of text as the last line unless such heading or text is intended to stand alone.
� Place exhibits, tables, and charts on separate pages and include them at the back of the assignment.
� Limit the use of acronyms and explain their meaning when appropriate (i.e., AAA might refer to the American Accounting Association or the American Automobile Association and it therefore requires clarification in the text unless used in a document discussing accounting. CPA does not require an explanation when used in a business document because it is a commonly accepted acronym).
� Use professional business language which is appropriate for your intended audience. Limit the use of technical jargon unless your audience is familiar with such terms.
� Do not overuse bulleted or numbered lists.
� If the assignment asks for your opinion, state it forcefully and with clarity. Limit the use of qualifiers such as “I feel,” “I am sure that you will agree,” “probably,” or “maybe.”
� A period or comma which appears after a quotation is placed inside the last double quote mark.
� A footnote number which appears after a reference is placed either at the end of the reference or outside the period ending the sentence in which the reference occurred.


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