Ethical Challenge

Prepare a 2-page written response to two “Ethical Challenge” questions in the chapters covered in your assigned reading. You should select the ethical challenge questions (two separate challenges, 1 question each) and prepare your submission according to the requirements listed in the assignment overview. In the written assignment for each class, students will submit a two-page paper on the ethical challenges at the end of each text chapter. Students should choose two ethical challenges and submit a one-page response to each challenge. (Note that the challenges should be written and attached, but are not part of the required pages). Each response should incorporate learning from the text and a supporting Biblical principle, with explanation of how the Biblical principle supports the student’s response. The submitted written work must be word processed, spell-checked, and grammatically correct. The contents of this written assignment may also be used for class discussion

*********PAGE 1 Talk about this Ethical Challenge*****************

1. You are a member of the Council of Economic Advisers to the U.S. president. The Council is asked to assess the moral basis for outsourcing to low-wage countries. Many globalization protesters argue that multinational corporations from wealthy countries endanger the global economic system by investing capital in developing countries and laying off workers at home. They say globalization pits the interests of more prosperous workers in wealthy countries against the interests of lower-paid workers in developing countries. It is also claimed that the practice pits nations against one another as companies move from one developing country to another in search of lower wages or bigger market opportunities. Do multinationals have an ethical obligation to try to preserve jobs for workers in their home-country markets? How do you believe the council should advise the president on this issue? Justify your advice.

*********PAGE 2 Talk about this Ethical Challenge*****************

2. You are the CEO of a large multinational company that has become highly profitable by investing in a Latin American country. As a catalyst in mobilizing the nation’s low-cost labor force, your company has helped the nation achieve double-digit economic growth. Following a political upheaval, how-ever, a military government takes control. Workers’ rights are being violated, as are those of individual citizens. As CEO, it is up to you to decide on a course of action. Do you pull out of the Country? Effectively abandoning your employees? Do you publicly and directly confront the leaders of the new government and insist that they respect workers’ rights? Do you proceed more discreetly and pursue diplomacy out of the public’s eye? Or do you advise a different course of action? Can you make an ethical decision that is also a good business decision?


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