Environmental Issues

For this assessment you are asked to submit ONE document containing FOUR maps showcasing the skills you have learnt in the practical classes. Each map should be accompanied by a paragraph (around 200-300 words) explaining the choices you made in creating your maps; for example map style, layout, symbology, fonts, map projection.

• The document should be in PDF format created from a word processor containing high-resolution maps exported from ArcMap (not screenshots). Make sure your maps are legible.

• You will be provided with sources for data to complete the tasks, but you are encouraged to find and use more data where possible.

• Your portfolio will be assessed on the clarity of cartography, accuracy of data and appropriateness of analytical techniques.

• Use ArcGis: https://www.arcgis.com to create the maps

Map Details
1 Map of Northamptonshire roads with appropriate symbols, labels and furniture.

2 Map centred on a country showing features such as major cities, tectonic boundaries, active volcanoes and UNESCO world heritage sites.

3 Using the aerial imagery of Kingston, a map depicting all trees, the River Thames, footpaths in Hampton Court and all buildings in the triangle between Portsmouth Road, Surbiton Road and Riverside Close.
4 Choropleth map of a UK county of your choice showing percentage of unemployed economically active males 16-74. Pay particular attention to data manipulation, data classification and symbolisation. *Where to get Map and details from https://infuse.mimas.ac.uk/


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