Assessment 2 Assessment task: Reflective Essay Weighting: 40% Date/time/method of submission: Friday of week 13, by midday via Turnitin Word count or equivalent: 1,500 words The word count for the essay should not exceed 1,000 words. You should stipulate the word count at the end of your work (references are not included). An allowance of + or – 10% may be made. Any work which exceeds the 10+/- allowance will be rejected and that element of the assessment will be failed! Essay Title: There is a lot of debate within the academic literature about the personality traits and characteristics that are associated with successful entrepreneurs. With reference to appropriate academic sources compare and contrast your own personality and characteristics to those found in entrepreneurs.



  • In answering the second part of the question (whether you believe you could be an entrepreneur), please take the General Enterprise Tendency (GET) Test, available from: http://www.palgrave.com/business/burnsentrepreneurship/students/get.html
  • You must take the specified test; this will give you an objective basis for trying to evaluate your entrepreneurial tendency.
  • You should draw on your experiences during the module when addressing the task. For example if the test reveals that you have a high creative tendency and you think that something you did during the module demonstrates this, then say so.
  • It is absolutely critical that you refer to credible academic sources to develop your answer. Avoid internet sources, except for academic databases accessed through the library website.
  • You must cite your sources in text to support the points you raise using the Harvard convention.
  • Your list of references at the end of your essay must confirm o the Harvard convention.
  • One of the most common causes of failure in this assignment in the past has been the failure on the part of some students to consult academic literature sources and to take the specified personality test.
  • You are not asked to compare yourself to any other specific entrepreneurs only to evaluate your own personality traits against those associated with entrepreneurs as defined in the test.
  • Your essay should start with a brief introduction in which you set the scene, define any terms and tell the reader what you are going to discuss in your essay.
  • In your main body you should make your points in a logical sequence, relating one to the next to build a coherent discussion

. • Your conclusion should not introduce any new information, but should draw on the points made through the essay to show the reader that you have achieved what you set out to do in the introduction. In this case you will draw some conlusion as to your potential to be an entrepreneur.

  • Please note that an essay is a continuous piece of prose, you should not have headings in an essay, nor should you list bullet points.





You may wish to consult some, or all of the following sources in addition to any other academic sources you find:

Ahmad, H. M. (2010). Personality traits among entrepreneurial and professional CEOs in SMEs.

International Journal of Business and Management, 5 (9): 203-213. Burns P (2011). Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 3rd ed. London: Palgrave. Bridge, S., O’Neil, K. and Martin, F. (2008). Understanding Enterprise: entrepreneurship and Small Business, 3 rd ed. London, Palgrave Chell, E. (2008). The Entrepreneurial Personality, 2nd ed. Hove, East Sussex, Routledge Stokes, D. and Wilson, N. (2010). Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship.6th ed. Andover: Cengage Learning. Stokes, D., Wilson, N. and Mador, M. (2010). Entrepreneurship. Singapore: Cengage Learning. Storey, D. J. and Greene, F. J. (2010).

Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Harlow: Pearson Education. An example of a previous essay is is included with this brief to illustrate the sort of thing that is required. While this is considered to be a reasonably good example it is not intended to act as a blueprint for your essay.




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