engineering research -Identifying an Academic Argument

Identifying an Academic Argument 

Purpose: To clarify the notion of argument in an academic context

Introduction: This activity is designed to help you understand the notion of argument in a scholarly context.


Individual task: Watch the YouTube video (‪Argument Essay: How to Write a Persuasive Paper) and respond to the following prompts in your workbook. You may also wish to consult the helpsheet for further reference: Critical Thinking Helpsheet.pdf.

  1. Identify a debate in the literature that relates to an aspect of your research (such as a theory, a model or a method).
  2. Identify and describe TWO opposing views to this debate.
  3. In no less than 100 words, describe the evidence that each side of the debate has employed to support their claims.


Creating Your Own Scholarly Argument

Purpose: To provide you with a framework for creating your own scholarly arguments

Introduction: This activity is designed to help you identify key elements to consider when building an academic argument, and to assist you in developing rigorous arguments for your research.


Individual task: Based on your responses and descriptions in Activity 7.1, respond to the following

  1. Provide a statement of claim that clearly identifies your position in relation to the various ways people have applied a theory, model or method that is relevant to your research problem.
  2. What evidence or information is available that supports your position? (e.g., Results or discussions from previous research, AS or ISO standards, established technique in a field of practice, etc.)
  3. b. How exactly does the set of evidence support your position?
  4. What other claims and evidence are available that may have challenged your proposed theory, model or method?

2. In no less than 150 words, respond to a discussion in an article that challenges the use of a theory or method you have proposed, providing counter-arguments


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