ENG 120 Final Assignment: Creative Portfolio

ENG 120 Final Assignment: Creative Portfolio

Your task for this last assignment is to create a portfolio of your ENG 120 compositions that reflects your experiences—and hopefully your growth—as a writer and a scholar this semester.  Tell the story of your ENG 120 experience.

Your portfolio should include a your  creative or reflective writing (in response to in-class prompts), and excerpts from all your major assignments (memoir, review, rhetorical analysis, and research paper).  For the major assignments, you should attach to each excerpt a definition—in your own words—of the genre. (For example, you should define memoir in your own words before presenting an excerpt from your memoir.) You are welcome to include writing you’ve done on your own this semester.

You are not required to add to your writing, but each addition to your portfolio should be edited and error-free. The order and manner in which you present these pieces is entirely up to you, but you must assemble this portfolio purposefully and thoughtfully. You are expected to be creative and use your knowledge of writing and rhetoric. Add images, play with color and font styles, and incorporate the texts we’ve studied.

When you turn in your portfolio, please include a brief reflection (1 or 2 double-spaced pages) explaining why you chose to create your portfolio the way you did.  You do not need to go into great detail in this reflection; simply provide an overview of your portfolio and your rationale for creating it.

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