Econ continuation of the paper

Continuation of the paper regarding sub saharan africa and its taxing policies


Its supposed to be a 25 pages research paper, but I just need the first 10 pages, so you don’t have to finish it until conclusion. The structure on the outline is already good. Refer to the docs for further instructions.

25 pages research paper

Feedback on the outline:

  • Focus on Fertilizers more and not on machineries (page 4, Most of the developing countries rely heavily on the machineries from developed…. This paragraph should focus on fertilizers.
  • Compare countries, such as Kenya, Tanzania etc. to make the arguments stronger.
  • HAVE TO include the readings from number 1-5 of the sources below.
  • Be more specific and detail




Robert Bates

  2. PDF


Carl Eicher


William Jaeger


Douglas Gollin


Hans Binswanger and Klaus Deininger

  1. PDF


  2. go to research link + policy working paper
  6. Journal of Development Economics
  7. Journal of African Economy
  8. Economic Development and Cultural Change
  9. World Development
  10. World Bank Economic Review
  11. Search Engines:
  12. Econlit & Google Scholarp(15)

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