Drug uses

There are some points that you have to follow them specifically & Perfectly .
1- I will copy paste what my instructor said exactly in point number one and please follow that
((( Reflection Paper ( WORTH 120 points): You are required to complete a 1-page (double spaced, 12pt. font, times new roman) reflection paper submitted to the instructor via Connect. Please make sure you are using a current version of Microsoft Word. This paper will include the following:

Define addiction to a substance. (25 points)

How is this definition similar or different to what you thought addiction was prior to starting this course? (25 points)

Reflect on your perspective on addiction (e.g., the causes of use/abuse, the reasons use continues, who becomes addicted, what an addict looks like, what drugs are addictive). What aspects have changed/not changed since taking this course? (25 points)

Identify one thing you learned in this course that you will remember 5 years from now (25 points)

You will be graded based on the length of the document, your ability to address 1-4 above, and the quality of your content. Since the paper is only one page in length, it is expected that you will be concise and not use “filler” to meet the requirements. The content should demonstrate your knowledge of the subject (gained in this course) and an in-depth consideration of these issues presented. You may complete the reflection paper any time before your final course date)))
3- Do not copy other people work or take anything from the internet at it is , I need my reflection paper by your own word .
4- Thank you so much .


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